Custom Auto Paint in Los Angeles

At Pazi Performance we not only repair your cracked, chipped and rusty paint, but we also offer custom paint. We can help you customize your dream ride. Here are some paint options you might want to consider when looking for something new:

Metallic Car Paint

  • Originate from a finely ground metallic aluminum pigment
  • Gives the paint a little extra sparkle
  • Lighter-colored metallic paints are more difficult to apply than darker ones
  • The durability of metallic paint is extremely good, resisting Los Angeles heat waves, and sunlight fading

Pearl Car Paint Colors

  • A mixture of pearlescent pigments with traditional transparent pigments
  • Available in a wide range of sparkle colors and sizes
  • More color depth than average car paint color
  • Needs different stages of coat application
  • The durability is consistent with metallic paint, meaning you’re covered from all weather conditions

Solid Paint Colors

  • Do not contain a sparkling agent
  • Easier to apply than pearls and metallics
  • Better than average durability; resistant to some superficial scratches.
  • Many color options are available

Pazi Performance–Custom Paint Specialists

Custom paint jobs not only look better than OEM or factory paint, but they also last longer and prove more durable in certain weather conditions. This means that your new metallic paint will withstand the Los Angeles heat waves and the mountain roads. So if you’re into the matte finish offered by solid colors, the shine of pearl paint, or the sheer ferociousness of metallic color, we’re at your assistance. We stand by our work too. If for any reason you are unhappy with your custom paint, talk to us and we will amend the situation. All of our repairs and paint jobs come with a lifetime guarantee, so do not hesitate to contact Pazi Performance. For a more in-depth