Pazi Performance of Los Angeles, California, is a complete auto collision center, car customization, and repair facility. With our staff of hard-working technicians, customers can be sure theirautomobile is in dependable hands. Our services include providing top quality collision repairs, complete customization and mechanical maintenance.

From complete customization to car wraps, our auto body shop and service center handles any
and every task you need with ease. We offer competitive pricing, quality automotive products, and services. We’re dedicated to serving our valued customers.

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Pazi Performance - Collision Center

Located in the heart of LA County Burbank, California, Pazi Performance is a complete auto collision center. With our team of dedicated technicians, customers will know that their vehicle is in dependable and trustworthy hands. Providing lifetime warranty on all repairs.

From major collision repair to automotive glass replacement, Pazi Performance is here to handle all of your collision repair needs. Always providing the highest quality of automotive services and products. Our company is committed to serving our valued customers in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Get Collision Repairs at Pazi Performance Collision Center

As the old saying goes, accidents happen. They never are convenient, and they never are any fun. However, accidents happen all the time — and everyone has a story to share. There is the time your uncle got t-boned on his way to a job interview, that time your friend got rear-ended on his last day of high school, or that time your sister backed into a pole. Sure, those are not the moments anyone wants to think about when they first get their driver’s license; but, it’s important to keep in mind that accidents happen to the best of us and when you need a collision center, Pazi Performance is here for you.

While collisions are the definition of a hassle, obtaining collision damage repair doesn’t need to be a difficult process. It’s always essential that you get all damage checked out in a timely manner and document your damage immediately, because even small fender benders might hide structural damage, or make a car more susceptible to corrosion. If you discover yourself in need of a repair, trust the professionals at Pazi Performance Collision Center to get the job done correctly the first time so you can get back on the road in no time.

Why Choose Pazi Performance Collision Center?

Vehicles today are safer than they have ever been, providing more tech and more safety features — and while that’s great for young and older drivers alike, it also means they are more complicated. So when it comes time to get a repair done, it’s important to ensure the automotive professionals working on your car have all the training, technology and tools to restore your car to pre-accident condition. That’s what sets our cutting-edge collision centers apart.

For more information on our collision center in Los Angeles, please contact Pazi Performance today at (818) 848-4743.


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