Bumper Repair

Car Bumper Repair in Burbank, California at Pazi Performance. We provide high quality auto body repair in Los Angeles County. We provide auto bumper repair in Burbank, California for any foreign or domestic vehicle. Our highly knowledgeable pros are updated with all the latest bumper repair services. As a result, we can provide your car with any type of bumper repair you require. In many cases, luxury cars use the same paint bumper material as non luxury cars, except the fact that luxury cars usually take more layers of paint. Therefore, prices for car bumper repair depend on the amount of layers of paint you wish to receive.

High Quality Car Bumper Repair in Burbank, California. All of the services we offer are the best quality worldwide. Get the best Car Bumper Repair in Burbank, CA now! Our Auto Body Shop in Burbank, CA always uses the best quality auto body repair tools in the US. In addition to using top quality tools, our body shop has extremely experienced auto body professionals. We offer many other Auto Body Services in addition to car bumper repair in Burbank, CA. Some of our auto body services include Paint-less Dent Repair, car paint jobswindshield repairauto detailing & more!


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