Auto Paint

Custom Auto Paint in Los Angeles

Pazi Performance offers automotive paint jobs at reasonable prices. We can help you choose a color that suits your vehicle and walk you through our entire process. There are some color considerations to think about before deciding on which color works best for your vehicle.

Metallic Colors

  • Originate from a finely ground metallic aluminum pigment
  • Gives paint a little extra sparkle
  • Lighter colored metallic paints are more difficult to apply than darker ones
  • The durability of metallic paint is solid

Pearl Car Paint Colors

  • A mixture of pearlescent pigments with traditional transparent pigments
  • Available in a wide range of sparkle colors and sizes
  • More color depth than average car paint color
  • Need different stages of coat application
  • The durability is consistent with metallic

Solid Paint Colors

  • Does not contain a sparkling agent
  • Easier to apply than pearls and metallics
  • Better than average durability
  • Many color options are available

Custom Colors vs. Factory Colors

Factory paints are the original manufacturer colors that are used in the production of commercial vehicles and manufactured in mass quantities. Custom car paints are made to be unique when compared to typical factory paints. Custom car paints are bold and really stand out in a crowd. Factory paints are more readily available, but custom colors are worth the effort if you are looking for a unique finish.

Custom Auto Paint Process

As opposed to car wraps, an auto paint job will take considerably longer to complete. There are many steps in the automobile painting process. Depending on the vehicle type, our painting steps could include the following:

  • Etching (Primer with an acid in it to bite into the metal)
  • Priming (once body repairs are done, four to five coats of primer are applied)
  • Blocking (Block sanding makes the vehicle’s panels as straight as possible while removing any waves)
  • Cleaning
  • Masking (Covering up the vehicle in spots where the paint doesn’t need to be)
  • Base Coat (Set the paint guns and paint to maintain a “wet edge” so a giant dry spot isn’t left at the end of the job)
  • Clearing (Remove loose dust and then apply two-three coats with a drying time of 10-15 minutes between coats)
  • Final Step (Let car sit for a few days then wet, sand, and buff the vehicle)


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