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Collision Repair in Burbank, CA

Get the best quality Collision Repair in Burbank, CA at Pazi Performance Auto Body Shop & Customization.
Pazi Performance offers collision repair in Burbank, CA for all vehicle makes & models! We offer the best quality custom paint jobs in Los Angeles County, CA for amazing prices. We are experienced with Collision Repair for any specific areas of a car such as the hood, roof, spoilers, door handles, interior trims, wheels, and more. Our team of car collision repair specialists will make sure to provide you with all your auto body needs! Our auto body and collision repair show in Burbank, CA has extremely experienced custom paint job experts. We always make sure to paint you car to perfection with the highest quality car paint worldwide. We understand the importance of providing high quality automotive services.





Collision Repairs


Auto Collision Repair in Burbank, CA

Collision Repair Services

  • Luxury Cars
  • Sports Cars
  • Economy Cars
  • Trucks
  • All Off-road Vehicles
  • All Foreign & Domestic Vehicles

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