Vorsteiner Wheels

Pazi Performance offers Vorsteiner Wheels, which are a global leader in automotive Forged and Flow Forged wheel development for luxury and sports cars. Vorsteiner Wheels is proud to offer the most advanced, innovative, and distinct products on the market that all meet the demands of their clients.

Their Flow Forged series is a collection of performance wheels that are offered at a fraction of a complete forged set. They are durable and light. Their lightweight technology produces wheels that are lighter in weight compared to standard wheels, but substantially stronger. This weight reduction is because of the use of fewer amounts of strong aluminum.

The Bespoke Forged collection is an array of made to order, bespoke, fully forged wheels. This wheel will be tailored to your vehicle. Your true style will be on full display with these wheels. They are lightweight and load rated for the specific vehicle to maximize weight efficiency and performance.

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