Rotiform Wheels

Founded right here in Southern California, Rotiform Wheels make a lot of designs that are unique to their brand. They also release a new line of wheels every year, so they’re always keeping their products fresh. All of their designs are original and they proudly boast.

Pazi Performance is proud to be associated with Rotiform Wheels. They are all about style, strength, and aggressive filament. They have a wide variety of both 1-piece Monoblock and custom forged wheel designs. Their 1 piece Monoblock low-pressure cast wheels are available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes to fit your vehicle perfectly. 

Their forged 3-piece custom wheels are built for performance, style, and durability. With more custom design options, you can custom order the exact size, finish, and style of your choice. Heads will certainly be turning when you cruise down the road with your custom Rotiform Wheels.

Contact Pazi Performance today to set up an appointment and select the Rotiform Wheels perfect for your vehicle.


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