Vinyl Car Wraps

Vinyl Wrap Your Car in Los Angeles

It is hard to miss a car if it’s vinyl wrapped. This is the perfect opportunity to promote a local business or product. Or, it is a quick and easier alternative to repainting. Vinyl car wraps help to protect the car’s original paint. People who have a classic car and want to enhance its value and appearance may decide to vinyl wrap their car. 

What to Expect from Vinyl Car Wraps

  • Dual cast film designed for stability and durability
  • No need to overlaminate
  • Pressure activated adhesive allows for an easy slide and repositioning before the pressure is applied
  • Wrap any section with virtually no seams
  • Available in glossy, matte, or silk
  • Gloss color-shifting finish
  • A unique range of colors and designs
  • Durable up to 5 years

A Finish to Make Your Car Proud

A vinyl car wrap offers unmatched color depth and shine. A vinyl car wrap will completely change the look of your car with brand new visual styling. It helps to protect your vehicle from any chips from rocks as well as any color fading. 

The vinyl products used are a premium quality that will protect the integrity of your car. The car is covered with 3-4 mils thick vinyl so the paint surface will remain protected from normal road debris. If you ever decide you want to change the color or design, the wrap can easily be removed to allow for your next design.


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