Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping

Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping

Carbon Fiber Car Wraps

Carbon Fiber Wraps can be found in rolls or sheets with an adhesive backing that allows for easy installation on a vehicle. Once combined with a polymer, it can be molded into the shape of a car that is stronger and much lighter than today’s steel and aluminum parts.

What to Expect from Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping

  • Dual Cast Film
  • Provides durability and stability
  • No need to overlaminate
  • Pressure activated adhesive allows for easy slide and repositioning until firm pressure is applied
  • Cover any section of the vehicle without seams
  • Non-visible air release provides fast, easy, and bubble-free installation
  • Durable up to five years
  • Bold and strong and subtle from a distance
  • Considered a premium product and service

Partial Carbon Fiber Car Wrapping

It is possible that you may decide not to have the entire car wrapped with carbon fiber. Many people make this decision and their cars look amazing! Here are some of the partial carbon fiber car wrapping options people have used on their cars.

Mirror Vinyl Wrap

This quick wrap looks great, provides the protection your mirror needs, and is easy to install. It is also one of the cheapest wraps you will be able to find. Regardless of your vehicle’s color, carbon fiber offers that dynamic contrast against existing bodywork.

Roof Wrapping

Many people have commented on the fact that this is the best use of partial wrapping. Carbon fiber roof wrapping is connected with high powered cars due to weight reduction. The look is outstanding and is an ideal alternative to gloss black and matte black roof wraps.


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