Why You Should Wrap Your Car

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Paint jobs have taken a back seat when caring for your vehicle in recent times. When people now look to change the look of their car, they go for wrapping instead of painting. Every vehicle owner knows how much of a first impression the car makes on its owner. Many take extra precautions when caring for their vehicle with this thought in mind.

While many people would love to take their car for a proper and custom paint job, the cost is highly discouraging. Further, this has left them with no other choice than to drive around in a car with a bad paint job – this is when vinyl wrap comes in. Vinyl wrapping involves wrapping a thin layer of vinyl over your vehicle’s paintwork.

Vinyl wraps have been around for many, many years. There is a high chance you have seen at least one car with vinyl wrap every week while growing up. However, vinyl wraps did not gain widespread publicity until wrapping in commercial advertising vehicles.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Car 

There are several benefits to wrapping your vehicle, including: 

  1. Customization 

Customization is one of the most significant and apparent advantages of wrapping your car. You get a finished work that stands out from the rest. With vinyl wraps, you get a unique and distinct exterior. You choose from several finishes, colors, and combinations. Further, this makes it almost impossible for two people to have the same wrap. 

If you choose, you can also make use of underlays. These underlays help to create the appearance of subtle embossed logos or text in the finish. So, this means that your vehicle will look as fabulous as your imagination allows. 

  1. Cost  

Although vinyl wraps are amazing, they do not come cheap. But, when weighed against paint jobs and all their benefits, they turn out to be quite a bargain. If you go for a high-quality paint job, you can end up spending as much as a four-figure sum. 

With this kind of money to spare, you will end up with a car that looks new even if the vehicle was previously old and worn. But, if the vehicle is due or will soon be expected for a change, going for a paint job might not be the best approach. The only exception to the rule is if your vehicle is a classic piece that you wish to keep as a display piece. The more affordable option remains a vinyl wrap. 

  1. It Protects Your Paint and Is Easy to Remove  

They place vinyl wraps over the existing paintwork, meaning that in addition to the aesthetics, it also provides a layer of protection for the vehicle’s original paintwork. Once the paint is safely under the protection of the wrap, you will not have to worry about the paint chipping off since it will not have exposure to the sunlight, nor will it be the victim of knocks, resulting in damage. 

If you ever decide to get rid of the vinyl wrap, regardless, you will have the still intact paint job before choosing the next vinyl wrap. Not only does this offer the option of changing your car color whenever you want, but also, if you ever decide to sell your car, then you can remove the vinyl wrap to reveal the new paperwork underneath. 

  1. It Is a Lot Quicker and Easier Than Repainting 

All you need to do is find a great auto body shop. Since putting in the vinyl wrap is a delicate task, you will need the services of someone who knows what they are doing to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

Repainting your vehicle can keep you without a car for weeks on end. There is much to prepare for, like layers of primer and drying, which take a significant amount of time. On the other hand, vinyl wraps are not as time-consuming. Although you need to get your vehicle to a professional, you will not spend as long without transportation. 

They complete most pre-work before the vehicle gets dropped off, including designing the wrap and cleaning the car. Once you drop the car off in the shop, you only need to wait a day or two before they hand over to you your newly decorated vehicle. 

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You get what you pay for with vinyl wraps. So, this leaves a lot of the decision on the look of your car in your hands. With a plethora of options available, you will not be short of ideas, meaning you end up with a highly unique and distinct vehicle, just as you wanted.