Which is Better? Wrapping Your Vehicle or Painting it?


When it comes to wrapping or painting your vehicle, the debate can be endless. If you ask a professional whether wrapping your vehicle or painting it is the better option, you can get a multitude of answers. Pazi Performance is here to give you 5 reasons why we think car wrapping is typically the best choice for people:

The Price Is Less Expensive

A paint job can range in price, but one that’s actually worth getting with high quality paint and precise work can range from $6,000 to well over $10,000 just depending upon the color choice, who paints it, as well as the paint’s quality.

Our high quality, professionally installed films cost $4,000 to $5,000+ and have a life expectancy of anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

In addition, Pazi Performance professionally installs partial car wraps for people who want only specific areas of their vehicle wrapped. This is an excellent way to get started personalizing your vehicle when you’re not looking for an entire color change and prices can start at about $300 for partial car wraps.

Vehicle wraps aren’t meant to repair your paint. While vehicle wraps are less expensive than paint jobs, they are not cheap either. Providing high quality material for a car wrap is expensive and to get the wrap job done right, it requires a lot of expertise to pull off an exceptional wrap. While it’s possible to find cheap labor and cheap materials for car wraps, the end result won’t reflect a job well done. For quality work, it’s best to use the highest quality in material with professionals who are skilled in wrapping cars. A quality wrap comes with a higher price tag, but a better result that lasts longer and keeps your paint underneath protected longer.

Ease Of Color Change

There are some effects, finishes, and colors that may be done using vinyl that can’t be easily achieved using paint. Some of those wrap materials include satin, pearl, color shift, and chrome finishes. For options that can achieve a different texture on your car, it’s best to look into vehicle wraps that offer what you’re looking for rather than paint.

Car Wraps Last Longer

Similar to what happens to an automobile when it sits in the sun for too long, a car wrap is vulnerable to sunlight. It’ll fade and lose its luster if it’s not properly cared for. However, when you do care for a car wrap, it can be just as durable as paint. Really, all that’s needed is to cover your car when you can. Wash it regularly, park inside the garage, and avoid excessive sun exposure when you can. It’s a lot easier than coating the car with protection every couple of months to refresh the paint color and let’s face it, it looks nicer too.

Endless Options

Have you ever liked an automobile so much by design, yet kept yourself from purchasing it because the color you wanted wasn’t available? With today’s car wrap technology, that is no longer an issue. Now, it is less expensive and easy to have the ability to stand apart from all the other vehicles and have a one-off car that suits your personality. Whether you want a purple car, or a matte black car, or you’re the kind of person who likes to change it up every few years, Pazi Performance can easily remove any wrap you currently have on your vehicle and give it a brand new wrap for a fresh and new look whenever you want!

Car Wraps Are Simple to Maintain

Sure, we’ve heard of wax on wax off, who hasn’t? We like waxing our cars to some degree, because, well, maybe it’s a bit therapeutic sometimes! But, we’ve all been there. Our hands get tired and we lose motivation to do the second half of the car or we just get so lazy that we skip waxes often and then that therapeutic wax becomes a nightmare. Thankfully, you never need to wax a car wrap. Car wraps are very easy to maintain and will appear like new after hand washing using just water and soap. We can suggest ceramic coating packages and specialty quick detail sprays to keep your film even more convenient to care for!

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