Reasons Why You Should Visit A Local Collision Center Over A Dealership

Local collision center

After encountering an overwhelming car accident, the last thing you would want to do is to make tough decisions. Having your vehicle damaged by a collision or hail, you might consider a reliable and trustworthy center to handle your ride at reasonable prices. Although some people opt for taking their vehicle to a reputable dealership, you would find many who prefer to take their car to a local collision center. 

If your vehicle plays a significant role in your daily life, even the smallest details, such as scratches, can leave the car owner frustrated. Additionally, the seemingly simple details can make a major impact on how smooth the procedure will go, thus affecting the total costs in the end. Therefore, choosing a center to take care of your vehicle can be difficult and stressful, yet once you are certain of whether you pick a local collision center or a dealership, their staff will assist you to make the repair process easier.

Collision Center Or Dealership: What’s The Difference?

A controversial topic debated for years, there are only a couple of qualifications that differentiate the two repair destinations. One of the prominent variables is seen in the types of vehicles each location is able to serve; most collision center specialists are trained to handle numerous vehicle brands and models, while the majority of dealerships’ services are limited to the types that are sold on their lot.

Mechanic working under a car in a local collision center

Local collision centers, such as Pazi Performance, provide customers with a myriad of exceptional benefits. Here are some reasons why you should visit a local collision center over a dealership.

1. Local auto body shop services are cost-effective.

Collision centers are home to the best deals available for your vehicle. On average, dealerships often charge more to provide the same services as body shops. Their costs include their higher hourly fee plus the utilization of name-brand parts. Local collision centers will help customers save time and money on their repairs, alongside the provision of high-quality customer service and professional results.

2. Local collision center staff are well equipped.

From minor scratches to custom wrapping services, most local collision centers have the ability and adequate expertise to handle any time of service needed. Their knowledgeable technicians specialize in bringing your ride to its pre-accident condition with the latest technology and innovations, ensuring to meet customer expectations.

3. Dealerships often attempt to push you to consider additional repairs.

Having a checklist in their hands, their staff might strive to convince customers to consider other services they provide, such as changing tires and replacing brake pads, that deviate from collision repair. On the other hand, local collision centers don’t have an agenda to push onto their customers and would rather ensure that the vehicle returns to the owner with promising results.

4. Local body shops work diligently and efficiently.

 Such business owners show immense concern to their fellow community members, aiming to deliver services of the best quality. Taking pride in their hard work, locally-operated auto body shops work with extra care and efficiency, knowing the customer desires to restore their vehicle’s good condition to hit the road immediately.

Choose Your Trustworthy Local Collision Center

Knowing a reliable collision center for restoring your ride’s condition is extremely important for future events, as you become familiar with the staff and their quality of service. If you are located in Burbank, contact us at Pazi Performance for tackling a myriad of services, from auto repair and car customization, to dent repair and more.