How to Tell If Your Car Needs Auto Body Painting Services

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    Many car owners often overlook the importance of keeping their vehicles in good condition. Your precious car is quite the investment and keeping yourself on top of its auto maintenance schedule can significantly impact its value over time. You spend a lot of time in your car, whether it be running errands or commuting to work. Your car is an essential part of your daily life, and there are many long-term benefits that can come from regular auto maintenance. 

    Whether you are looking to repair dents from an accident or replacing your wheels, finding a reputable auto body repair shop can ensure that your vehicle is properly taken care of by professional repair specialists. Choosing the right auto body shop from the start will save you from stress, worry, and waste in the future. 

    The Paint On Your Car Is Important

    Part of maintaining your car is keeping the original paint looking good as new and protected from the elements. Most cars on the road today are coated with cheap, manufacturer-direct paint jobs with only a light clear coating. Once the car is exposed to harsh UV rays, moisture, acid rain, and other outside elements, the layers of paint slowly peel off and fade, exposing the inner layers of the car. 

    Although regularly maintaining your car’s paint job might seem like a pointless expense, it is more necessary than you may think. The coat of paint on your vehicle has many important functions aside from aesthetics. Car paint has the power to transform a vehicle, but a lack of paint maintenance can make a vehicle look weathered and older than it is. Not only will your car look like new, but its exterior durability can be significantly enhanced.  

    Your car could be asking for a new paint job without you realizing it. Most people do not even consider getting their car repainted until after being in an accident and suffering dent damage. While you may believe that you can let your car go without a paint job for a number of years, this negligence is actually causing your car to deteriorate before your eyes. There is no official rule that says when auto body painting is needed, but you don’t have to wait to get into an accident to get a new paint job. Pay attention to your car and what it needs. Your car takes care of you every day, so you should take care of it in return.

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    When Should You Touch Up Your Car Paint?

    Knowing how to spot the indicators that compromise your car’s paint is vital to keeping your car in pristine condition. There are some signs you need to look out for that will help you determine when it’s time to contact a professional auto body shop for painting services.

    Scratches, Chips, and Dents

    As a consequence of accidents, your vehicle’s paint job will probably be damaged.  While it may still drive fine, your car may incur scratches, dents, or the paint may be flaking or chipping. 

    Scratches and dents can also occur from other things, such as flying road debris or accidentally driving up too close to a parking block. Some minor scratches can often be removed using paint sticks, but severe scratches will require professional attention. 

    Although these details may seem minor at first, ignoring the issues can lead to serious problems with your car later on. An exterior with chipped paint means that the inner layers are exposed, making your car’s body more susceptible to rust. A small chunk of chipped paint can lead to even worse damages in the future, and you may end up paying more than you should have to fix the issues. 

    Damages Caused By Weather

    No matter where you live, the weather can take a toll on your car. Unless you keep your car in the garage, the car will constantly be exposed to various weather conditions that damage the paint. Many car owners bring their vehicles to the auto body shop wondering how their paint deteriorated when they have never been involved in an accident or abused their car. 

    If you live in a humid climate, the moisture in the air can create bubbles in the paint, exposing the parts underneath. This can cause the car to begin to rust, which will create even more problems in the future.

    If you live in a colder climate, you know there are many weather conditions that are threatening to the paint on your car. Salt on the road will eat away at the underside of your car before your eyes if you don’t make sure to wipe it away as soon as possible. Hailstorms and other winter weather conditions may cause your car to accrue some scratches or rust. The more damage your car accumulates, the faster it will deteriorate. 

    Being proactive is particularly important with rust, since this issue is easier to fix when it’s limited to a small area. A small patch of rust can spread rapidly, and it might even lead to holes. It is always a good idea to inspect your car and take preemptive steps such as washing your car on a regular basis and applying anti-rust products.

    Fading of Paint Shine

    Most car owners begin searching for auto body shops when they notice their paint job fading. Fading is when the paint starts to lose its depth, richness, shine, and vibrancy. 

    The paint on your car can fade due to a number of factors. Most of the time, fading is a result of the clear coating breaking down due to contaminants, harsh UV rays, or extremely low temperatures. The first thing you will notice is that the shine of your car paint disappears. The vibrancy and richness of the color follow shortly after. Lack of maintenance accelerates the fading process, but unfortunately, some degree of fading is unavoidable as time passes by. 

    Peeling Clear Coat and Paint

    The protective layer of clear coating on your car is the only thing defending your paint from damage. UV rays are often the clear coat’s worst enemy, but an aging car that has not received auto body paint services will inevitably suffer wear and tear due to the elements. 

    If the clear coat peels off, the base coat is vulnerable to all the harsh weather elements and will deteriorate quickly if not maintained. Once this clear coat is gone, your car’s paint is more likely to rust, fade, blister, and peel. You may even notice chips, flakes, and discoloration as well. 

    If you notice that your car displays any of the signs mentioned above, it may be time to contact an auto body shop to see what can be done to revitalize your car.