Best Vinyl Car Wrap Companies

The most popular and best vinyl car wrap manufactures are 3M, VVIVID, and Avery. If you are seeking for car wrap installation in Los Angeles feel free to contact Pazi Performance for inquires. Our auto body shop in Burbank has vinyl wrapped many different cars and have the knowledge necessary to inform you in making the best decision possible on a vinyl purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Car Wraps?

Vinyl car wraps is one of the most popular and cheaper alternatives to painting your car. There are many benefits and reasons of using a vinyl wrap. For starters, car vinyl wraps are removable and cheaper than car body paint jobs. Another great benefits of vinyl wrapping your car is that it protects factory paint jobs from chips and other scratches that occur as a result of rock and debris hitting your car. Car wrap including 3M and Avery are fairly easy to remove when using a high quality vinyl that which is designed in a way to avoid leaving any glue residue. If you are considering vinyl wrapping your car, we invite you to contact us for the best prices on car vinyl wrap installation in Los Angeles, CA.

What Is The Lifespan Of Car Vinyl Wraps?

Typically, the lifespan of a vinyl wrapped car runs anywhere between 5 to 7 years. You can always increase the lifespan by taking better care of your car.

Interior Car Vinyl Wrap

Car vinyl wraps can be used for the interior as well as the paintwork with the latter more than likely requiring a professional for a good finish. The most common car exterior parts that are wrapped are the wing mirror, bonnet or roof.

The interior of the car is the most popular choice of wrapping your car. You can use car vinyl wrap on your dashboard, center console, as well as door trims. The benefits of interior car vinyl wraps are that you are able to transform your car with color or dechrome without putting a hole in your pocket.