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We carry the best quality Mustang body kit brands worldwide. In addition to body kits, we also offer the best brands for other aftermarket auto parts as well. Other aftermarket auto parts we offer include custom car wraps, wheels, interior, lights & more! Get the best aftermarket body kits in Burbank, CA at Pazi Performance Auto Body Shop & Customization. Our body kit shop works with all types of cars and aftermarket auto parts. All of our custom car experts extremely experienced with all of the automotive services we offer. Our experts are always willing to make suggestions on which aftermarket body kits would be a great fit for your vehicle!

Our auto customization center offers many other services as well. In addition to installing aftermarket body kits, Pazi Performance offers various types of services including auto body repair, car customization, & auto maintenance. Contact us for a free quote today! We accept forms of payment in Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Checks, & more. 

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